Product #: 1076311

Volume: 2.18
Weight: 9.31


Our lids are designed to fit all other name brand cups with a 98mm diameter. This lid features an extra wide opening that is perfect for eating out of and fits all Karat PET and PP cups with a 98mm diameter. Made in the USA. Specifications: Color: Clear Material: PET Diameter: 98mm Opening: Wide Opening Available with a hole, without a hole, and with a wide opening Matching Cups: C-KC12U,C-KC16U, C-KC20U, C-KC24U The Karat 98mm PET Plastic Dome Lid is made to fulfill the demand of towering whip cream, frozen yogurt, or any other treat that needs more room. Not only will it allow you to showcase the decorative topping, but it will also allow customers to dig in their drinks with a spoon. Traditional flat lids cut off the layer of toppings and customers must remove the lids before digging in. With the plastic dome wide opening lid, drips are contained and there is still access to enjoy.

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